If you’ve gotten this far, I thank you for reading my posts, whether one or all. Since I limited myself to 2000 words for most posts, there are many thoughts left unsaid, significances left unelaborated. I will address some of them below.

After Shikoku.

I have an endless stream of things to say or nothing at all. I feel like I’ve changed a lot, or very little. I think of Shikoku nostalgically, as one of my happiest times, even though it’s also caused many things that normally would seem upsetting. The summary point is — I’d like to do it again. I am starting with that since many of the thoughts below seem negative, but are just realities that I’ve just absorbed along the way.

Even though Shikoku is largely a mental journey, its strongest memories are physical.

Some memories are so alive, they are the present.

There’s no previous version recovery.

Things I’ve Come to Believe

I’m a believer in positionality and that ‘life truths’ are just a reflection of one’s personal experiences. I don’t want to propose that you will experience all of these things if you walk Shikoku, but based on my encounters with other pilgrims, I think at least a handful of experiences will resonate.

A Note on Dedications


This is the diary of a solo walker, but is a tapestry of a hundred lives. While I tried to describe their generosity in my posts, the gratitude was often implied. I’d like to make their significant contributions clear here.

Content strategist. Product junkie. CBC. QPOC / Queer Asian. Portfolio: www.piccoloportfolios.com / Blog: www.thecupandtheroad.com / Community: b3p0.org

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