Startup Jobs in Asia: Opportunities Under The Radar

Skyscrapers in Central, Hong Kong — Photo by Athena Lam

This is a consolidated directory of startup, tech, remote work, and digital nomad friendly jobs in Asia. The listings below focus on East and South-East Asia, namely China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Asia’s has many diverse markets that are all exciting, fast-paced, innovative and challenging in unique ways. Companies big and small are seeking innovative, passionate, and dynamic talents. If one of these places has always fascinated you, check out the opportunities and make a few applications. Better yet, hop on a one-way flight. Whether Bangkok, Bangalore, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Shanghai, you’ll find opportunities just by arriving and getting involved.

My Story

I arrived in Hong Kong 7 years ago, fresh out of undergraduate and in the thick of the 2008 financial crisis without any job leads. Despite sending out close to fifty job applications, I only got one interview. Fortunately, that one interview was enough: that company liked me, I liked them, and there were good terms. I started with them and stayed in the company for two years. At the time, the market seemed small with only JobsDB as one of the only somewhat user-friendly sites out there. I hadn’t even heard of Asian startups at the time and smartphones weren’t event a thing (Apple had just released the iPhone 3G).

I am now based in Tokyo because this is the next place I want to live as a digital nomad after Hong Kong, Shenzhen, London, and travelling to over 30 countries in Asia and Europe. I found a tech and travel company that I love within a month, and got a job within three months. I still have connections to get contract work in Asia when time allows. In a life of moving around, this is quite a stable set up!

Since I started out, access to information is much more easy. The sites listed below are less than 5 years old, but are already established authorities and many even have apps.

The best news is, there are even more jobs in these places than the lists show. What are you waiting for? Hop on a plane and take the dive!

Pan-Asia Startup Jobs (English)

  1. Angelist (Asia)

Hong Kong-based Startup / Tech Job Boards

  1. Startbase

China-based Startup & Tech Platforms

  1. Lagou (Chinese)

Japan-Based Startup & Tech Job Boards

  1. Wantedly Japan’s leading tech-oriented job board

*Note: Japan’s market often uses recruiters for their domestic market. English-only jobs are quite limited (often to teaching).

Singapore, Malaysia, South-East Asia Startup Job Boards

  1. Singapore Startup List

Taiwan Startup & Tech Job Boards and Platforms

  1. 178人力銀行 (Chinese)

TechOrange 科技報橘 (English / Chinese)

Any other great directories? Please let me know!

If you liked this post and happen to be in Japan, check out my 19 Tips to get startup jobs in Japan.

Originally published at on June 1, 2016.
Updated July 4, 2017

Thinking about the intersection of social justice and tech, with a LGBTQ and POC lense.

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